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To attain the degree of Medical Bachelor, students must attend lectures and do practical work in the pre-medical, pre-clinical, para-clinical and clinical fields. To be recognized as a General Practitioner, students must undergo training in the teaching hospital.

Bachelor of Medicine Program : 7 Semesters – 145 Credits
Medical Profession Program : 3 Semesters – 37 Credits



The learning method is focused on Student-Centered Learning so that students are boosted to learn actively, independently and continuously. The method used the Problem-Based Learning (PBL). The learning process in the Dentistry Graduate Programme uses an integrated learning method with “problem” as a trigger, using a competence-based learning process so that students can be more active in learning to be independent.

Bachelor of Dentistry Program : 7 Semesters – 145 Credits
Profession of Dentistry Program : 3 Semesters – 32 Credits



What the Student Says :

Hello, I’m Anne Yonia Gardes, from Dentistry Department.
The Dentistry Program at Maranatha Christian University is even better than I expected.
The facilities are awesome, the teachers and the staffs are vigorous and do whatever it takes to make sure that their students succeed. I’m sure glad and proud to be here. Muchas gracias MCU!!

Anne Yonia Gardes
Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry Department, Year of 2008