3-years Diploma of Chinese

3-years Diploma of Chinese  is a vocational program that aims to produce graduates who are ready to plunge into the world of work armed with the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in Mandarin, according to the standard New HSK level 5, with special expertise in the field of Chinese language for teaching , business, and tourism.

Academic Activities

Curriculum Studies Program D-III Mandarin designed in a comprehensive, integrated and sustainable inter-course, which consists of groups of the following subjects:

  • Language Skill Courses
  • Teaching Field Course
  • Course of Business
  • Subjects in Tourism
  • Subjects Economics
  • Subjects Chinese Culture Sector
  • General Courses

Lecturing activities is equipped with various student activities to provide students with soft skills. There was also the Field Trip activities and study tours at home and abroad to introduce the cultures of local and foreign to the students, which will be useful when the graduates go into business and tourism.

Study Program D-III Mandarin has a “3 + 1” and “3 + 2”, in collaboration with some of the top universities in China. Through the program “3 + 1” llusan this course can proceed directly to the study of the levels of S-1 in just over one year in Hebei Normal University, China. For graduates wishing to study S-1 within 2 years at Wuhan University or the Huazhong University of Science and Technology, can join the program “3 + 2”.

Future and Career

Graduates of the program have the ability to speak Mandarin practical, and targeted to have a certificate of HSK (Hanyu Shuiping kaoshi) level 5 or certificate BCT (Business Chinese Test) level 4, so it can work in any field that requires competence, such as:

  • Chinese Language Teachers
  • Tour guide
  • Tour leader
  • Tour planner
  • Interpreter
  • Secretary
  • Public relations
  • Front officer
  • Marketing staff in the export-import company (China / Taiwan)