3-years Diploma of English

3-years Diploma Program of English Language is a vocational program that aims to produce graduates who are ready to plunge into the world of work armed with English proficiency practical, include listening skills, speaking, reading and writing in English to the standard TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) in order to compete in the era of globalization.

Academic Activities

The curriculum in this program designed to be applicable and address the needs in the workplace. Students will get a lecture with teaching communicative patterns and interactive in order to obtain optimum proficiency.

The main courses in the Diploma Program English apply TOEIC standards and includes the training of the four language skills, ie listening, speaking, reading, and writing. In the fourth semester, students can choose specific competencies are divided into two areas, namely English for business, and for the teaching of English. In addition to support student proficiency when entering the world of work, there is also support in the form of soft skills competencies and cross-cultural understanding. Lecturing activities not only in class, but also outside the classroom in the field trip program or company visit to various business institutions, teaching, and hotel.

Future and Career

Graduates of this program have the practical ability to speak English with TOEIC standard 500. Graduates may pursue a career in the field of business and English language teaching, including as:

  • Teachers of English
  • interpreter
  • entertainer
  • staff marketing
  • Secretary
  • Public relations staff
  • Front officer
  • The staff tour and travel
  • stewardess
  • banking staff
  • staff insurance
  • entrepreneur