Faculty of Dentistry

Maranatha Christian University Faculty of Dentistry is one of the best private organizers of educational dentist programs in West Java. Dentist Education Studies Program Maranatha Christian University established in 2008, and has been accredited in 2012.

Faculty of Dentistry, dental education programs consists of two phases of education, the education of Dentists and Dentist Professional Education, to produce graduates dentist professional, skilled, and reliable.




What the Student Says :

Hello, I’m Anne Yonia Gardes, from Dentistry Department.
The Dentistry Program at Maranatha Christian University is even better than I expected.
The facilities are awesome, the teachers and the staffs are vigorous and do whatever it takes to make sure that their students succeed. I’m sure glad and proud to be here. Muchas gracias MCU!!

Anne Yonia Gardes
Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry Department, Year of 2008