Faculty of Psychology

Maranatha Christian University Psychology Department is the oldest private psychology faculty in Indonesia, which saw the need for guidance, counseling and psychotherapy in the public as well as in the world of clinical, educational, industrial, and social in the present. Emphasis psikodiagnostik ability of graduates become the hallmark and excellence which attracted many people. Psikodiagnostik ability taught to the students began to experience a shift as needed in the community of promotive and preventive curative become the paradigm of positive psychology that sees humans as positive and have good qualities that can still be developed in public life. The paradigm of positive psychology developed starting from undergraduate education to graduate school with an emphasis on the development of competency-based capabilities in accordance with the demands of the development of education in Indonesia.

Maranatha Christian University Psychology Department consists of three undergraduate study program (S-1) and postgraduate (S-2). Graduates of the degree program can continue to pursue postgraduate studies in the Professional Psychology Master Program, or Psychology Master of Science in Maranatha Christian University.


Hi, I am Sebastian Chrisandy.

I am satisfied with my choice to study in The Faculty of Psychology of Maranatha Christian University. Having lecturers who are very experienced, and friends who are greatly varied as they come from almost
all of the provinces in Indonesia, make me believe that studying here could be a bridge to have a better understanding of human’s mind, feeling, and behavior. The faculty and university members are really care and show incredible effort to encourage the student development, for both hard skill and soft skill. Big thanks, I am one of many lucky students who get merit scholarship from Maranatha Christian University. I have also experienced moral and financial support provided by my university as my participation in some national competitions and student’s organizational activities. This kind of situation gives me wide opportunity to learn effectively and get more achievement in both academic and non-academic field.

Sebastian Chrisandy
Faculty of Psychology, Year of 2010