Master Program of Accounting

Master Degree of Accounting (MAKSI) is a postgraduate study program in the field of accounting. MAKSI aims to become a vehicle to foster and develop the professionalism of the graduates, which has a reliable competency in financial accounting, management accounting, and taxation following application, and have the soft skills (leadership, strategic thinking, critical thinking, public speaking, etc. ) that are necessary in the working world.

Future and Career

MAKSI graduates are expected to become a consultant and designer of the accounting system as well as primary sources in determining the company’s strategic policy. MAKSI offers a specific curriculum but flexible in order to accommodate the needs of graduates in an effort to have the competence, in line with the development of science and technology as well as the needs of the workforce. Some career fields that can be undertaken for example as:

  • Head of Accounting at various companies / institutions
  • Head of Taxation at various companies / institutions
  • Supervisor / Manager for Financial Accounting Department
  • Project Accountant Supervisor
  • Plant Accountant Supervisor
  • Management Information System Consultant
  • Cost Management Consultant
  • Management Control System Designer
  • Supervisor / Manager for Cost / Management Accounting Department
  • Teachers Study Program S-1 or Diploma Course Akuntantsi