Master Program of Psychological Science

The desire to produce psychological scientists who are competent, concern for others, and can apply the science of psychology is relevant to the context of life, underlying the establishment of Psychology Studies Program Level Masters (Science). Therefore, this study established the program, which is multientry and focuses on the research and development of the science of psychology. Psychology Master of Science is an educational program at undergraduate level two (S-2), which produces graduates the academic degree of Master of Science.

The need for integrated education and the quality of family to produce good and quality generations, requires scientists capable of psychology concerned about the current state of society, and researches were able to answer the needs of society. Psychology, especially in education and family, became the main focus development under this program.

Academic Activities

Psychology Master of Science program focuses on the research and development of psychology that encourages graduates to have the following competencies:

  • Mastering the psychological theories, especially family education through a holistic integrative distinctiveness.
  • Being able to conduct scientific research in the field of psychology both quantitatively and qualitatively.
  • Being able to explain the dynamics of human behavior based on psychological theory.
  • Being able to understand and apply the code of ethics of psychology in education and research.
  • Being able to utilize the knowledge of psychology and psychological research in helping problems in society, especially in the field of education and family.


Lecturing activities carried out by the provision of material or teaching by lecturers, the manufacture of paper, and conduct research. In doing tasks that are given such as paper and presentation, students need a lot of references in the form of books and journals, both nationally and internationally. Amenities room with wifi network connections and ample collection of e-books and e-journals will give students easy access to the latest theories and see examples of research methods that can be used as materials for papers and research.

The program has several courses that are needed by the community, among which are:

  • Psychology integrative (integrating psychology, spiritual, philosophical)
  • psychoeducation
  • Career counseling
  • Consultation family (related to parenting and relationship)


Lecturing activities also accompanied by seminars organized as a form of application of learning materials that do.

Future and Career

Master Degree of Psychological Science Graduates may continue to study the levels of Doctoral degree as well in the field of scientific psychology and other disciplines. For graduates who want to plunge into the world of work, it can be a career in fields that require competence of psychology, especially in the field of education and family. Some career fields that can be undertaken for example as:

  • educator
  • researcher
  • Counselor Education & Family
  • Trainer