Master program of Psychology Profession

The need for professional psychologists in public life becoming a key driver for Maranatha Christian University to open the master’s program graduate psychology profession in 2002, which scored a psychologist profession graduate Master of Psychology degree.

Masters Program of Psychology Maranatha Christian University has been granted an operating license by the issuance of a letter number: 930 / D / T / 2003 of the Ministry of Education – Directorate General of Higher Education dated May 7, 2003. Permission is strengthened by the signing of the charter implementation of education cooperation between Christian University Rector Maranatha and the Central Board of the Indonesian Psychological Association (HIMPSI) on May 7, 2005. With the operating license for the Masters Program in Psychology, Master of Professional Psychology BKU in the academic year 2003/2004 began to accept students.


In accordance with the joint decision of the Association of Higher Education Psychology Indonesia (AP2TPI), then in 2013 the name of the program set to be the Master of Professional Psychology Professional Psychology Studies Program magister degree.


Master of Professional Psychology mayoring open four areas, to meet the needs of society and the pemi- nat this education. The four areas are:

  • Industrial & Organizational Psychology
  • Adult Clinical Psychology
  • Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology
  • Educational psychology


Academic Activities

To enrich the insights, the study program also presents some elective courses in order to complete insight into student at the time worked in the field of psychology later. Students are also involved in the activities of committees such as seminars and workshops, to increase knowledge and skills of the profession of psychology as Workshop Quick Judgement, NLP Workshop, Workshop psikodiagnostik, and other activities.

Future and Career

Graduates of Professional Psychology Studies Program Level Masters (S-2) title of Master of Psychology (M.Psi.) And holds the professional designation psychologist, who has the authority to make an assessment and intervention. Graduates of this program can also add science by following certification programs such as grafology, hypnotherapy, counseling, and multiple certifications to obtain brevet behavioral therapy.

A graduate of Master of Professional Psychology program can be a professional career as a psychologist, and can continue on to doctoral level, both in the field of psychology or in other fields. Besides his profession as a psychologist at the hospital, company, or other institution, graduates can pursue a career in various fields and at various institutions, such as:

  • Researcher
  • Counseling guidance
  • Human Resources
  • Performance Appraisal and Placement
  • Human Resource Department
  • Owners Psychology Consultant
  • training Department