1st Student Meeting of Maranatha Christian University with Hokusei Gakuen University

Faculty of Economic from Maranatha Christian University organized the 1st Student Meeting with Hokusei Gakuen Unversity, with the theme “Sustainable Development Goals and Japanese Pop Culture”, on March 12, 2021. This activity was carried out online using the Zoom platform and attended by 239 participants. By both students and lecturers from Maranatha Christian University and Hokusei Gakuen University.

Hokusei Gakuen University (HGU) is a private university located at Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. HGU cooperates with Maranatha Christian University in building students’ awareness to recognize and face the global world.

This activity was opened with the discussion about the main theme, “Sustainable Development Goals” by one of the lecturers from the Undergraduate Accounting Program Maranatha Christian University, Mrs. Hanny, S.E., M.Si., Ak. She explained the importance of growth that could bring the change to be a better world. At the beginning, she showed the Indonesia economic growth chart from 1998 until 2020. In 1998, Indonesia had experienced a boost in economic growth. However, there was a decrease in the economic condition in 2020 because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The first presentation session started with the Economic students from HGU, and the members are Ryota Masumori, Chinari Takai, and Kotaro Otake, titled “Hack Capitalism”. In Economics, there are four types of capital, which are human capital, financial capital, fixed capital, and business capital. In the presentation, they also showed some of the current popular brands in Japan and around the world.

This presentation session continued by the second team from the Economic student from HGU, Risako Harima and Nanami Aiso, also from Department of Psychology and Applied Communication from HGU, Momona Taniguchi and Chisato Noda, titled “Transition of Japanese Pop”. They explained about Japan entertainment industry that presents a variety of talents and shows, such as pop idols, girl groups, and bands.

The fourth session presented by one of the alumni from the Faculty of Economics, Maranatha Christian University, Raden Shafira Destiana, S.M, titled “Stock Investment for Millennials in Sustainable Development”. She explained about investment and support from Maranatha Christian University to the capital market education as outlined in the Indonesia Stock Exchange Investment Maranatha Christian University. The next session continued by the student from the Faculty of Economics, Maranatha Christian University, Raden Arvi Arsytania, titled “Let’s Support Small Business”. In this discussion, she explained sustainable economic development. She also gave some examples about the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic in the world of business, and some actions taken by Maranatha Christian University in facing the new normal.

The next presentation session continued by HGU students, Yuto Syanai, Nanaka Takakuwa, Masaki Arase, Seima Kamada, Yuto Sasamura, Riko Sugitomo, and Jurina Kinoshita. They talked about water pollution and gender in social structure. Then, the presentation continued by Maranatha Christian University student, Geraldine Agungpuspita, titled “Analysis of the Effect Green Accounting and Firm Size on Financial Performance of Mining Companies” and it ended with Angel Stefani, Evan Agustian Lukius, and Nafis Nurtsani with the material titled “Modern Japanese Pop Culture”.

International Office staff, Directorate of Partnership, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Dita Aprina Pelawi, S.S., explained that the goal of these activities was for increasing the awareness and knowledge about sustainable development goals and global culture, provide the digital platform for students to study, collaborate, exchange information, knowledge, and ideas across fields and countries. Moreover, these activities also can build relations between students from both universities.

Source : http://news.maranatha.edu/1st-student-meeting-universitas-kristen-maranatha-bersama-hokusei-gakuen-university/