Collaborations with Kyoritsu Women’s University, Japan

30 November 2016


Prof. Ir. Armein Z. R. Langi, M. Sc., Ph.D., Rector of Universitas Kristen Maranatha together with Ismet Zainal Effendi, M.Sn., Head of Fine Arts Department and Wawan Suryana, M.Sn., Secretary of Fine Arts Department visited Kyoritsu Women’s University, Japan on 12-19 November 2016.


Activities done while visiting Kyoritsu Women’s University were signing Memorandum of Understanding in term of Join Exhibition, Join Research, and Lecturer Exchange. We were also cooperated in opening of Exhibition of 12 Fine Arts works by lecturer with theme “Nusantara Heritage”.


There was also public lecture by Ismet Zainal Effendi, M.Sn., Head of Fine Arts Department. “ The public lecture I have done was about Indonesian Traditional Art, Paksi Naga Liman, The Indonesian Traditional Hybrid-Creature. While being there, we also visited cultural museum of Japan,”  said Mr. Ismet Zainal Effendi, M.Sn. We hope that with this cooperation we could strengthen the relationships between Universitas Kristen Maranatha and Kyoritsu Women’s University, especially in Fine Arts.

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