Cultural and Business Winter Camp at Chung Yuan Christian University

08 May 2018



On March 25th 2018, three students from Universitas Kristen Maranatha joined other participants in the Cultural and Business Winter Camp which was held by Chung Yuan Christian University, Taiwan. The three students; Audia Putri K. and William Karyodisa from the Management postgraduate program, and also Tabita Emmanuella W. from the Management undergraduate program, were exposed to the high tech industry, and the traditional and modern ways of living in Taiwan by visiting tech companies, museum, and tourist destinations.




The day after they arrived at the airport and picked-up to the university, the students were given a two-hour orientation before they enjoyed a tour around the green and lush CYCU campus. On the third day they experience two sessions of lecture; the first about Taiwan and its education system, and the second about international business. The next day they visited the Hsinchu Science Park and the Industrial Technology Research Institute. For the fifth day, another two sessions of lecture is given about International Marketing and Entrepreneurship. As for the day before they return home, the students enjoyed a visit to the National Palace Museum and the top tourist destination in Taiwan: Taipei 101.

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