Diplofest 2018: First Cooperation with the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs


On December 15th, 2018, Maranatha Christian University along with the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs held the Diplofest 2018. The events included an open lecture held at the Theatre on the 8th floor of GAP building, and delivered by Damos Dumoli Agusman, the Director General of International Law and Agreements. The Lecture was attended mostly by faculty of law students from Maranatha Christian University and other universities. It discussed about the importance of diplomacy and international law in complying to the common interests between nations, topics such as extradition, and also the issues where a powerful country forces its interests towards less powerful countries in their diplomatic actions.



Since this is the first time Maranatha Christian University made a cooperation with the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we hoped that this event will open more opportunities for other cooperations.