Electrical Engineering Student Participated in KMUTNB Leadership Camp 2018

04 July 2018


Vincensius Nugroho Kristianto, student of Bachelor Program of Electrical Engineering Universitas Kristen Maranatha has the opportunity to participate in the KMUTNB (King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok) Leadership Camp 2018 in Bangkok and Pattaya, Thailand 10-17 June 2018 organized by the International Cooperation Center King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok (ICC KMUTNB), Thailand. The event which was attended by 49 participants was an English Camp which was made to train the ability of public speaking and student leadership, both from KMUTNB itself and foreign students.


The KMUTNB Leadership Camp has been held for a long time, and in 2018 it was participated by 49 participants from Thailand, Indonesia, Germany, China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Malaysia and South Africa. There are 17 foreign students and 32 students from Thailand participating in this event. Vincensius attended seminars, public lectures, and leadership workshops hosted by KMUTNB lecturers in this seven-day event. In addition to conducting activities in the classroom, Vincent and other participants also went on the field trip to Sunny Bangchak in Ayutthaya Province and the Ayutthaya cultural complex. Sunny Bangchak is the location of the largest solar panel field in Southeast Asia owned by Thailand’s Bangchak Corporation.


All participants of KMUTNB Leadership Camp is divided into five groups, namely group A to E. Vincensius was in Group B, consisting of him, I-Wen Fang from Taiwan, Andrea Danielle Elumbaasal from Philippines, and six people from Thailand: Kanlayanee sweetty Khanhansuek (Honey), Chatrin Candy (Candy), Setthakit Chankhrueakerd (Mo), Nutt Thanbuntor (Donut), Kakkanang Lomsai (kanoon), and Thanatorn Romjumpa (Dew).


Each of these groups should address an existing issue throughout their country of origin. Vincent and Group B raise the topic “Human Dependencies on Fossil Fuel for Electricity Generating”. Each group must do a Creative Problem Solving Process by following the five steps, namely Define scope of problem, Find out current situation, What may happen if we ignore this problem ?, Solutions and Preventions.




Vincent won the Top 5 Best Presenter for Foreign Student Award along with Francis Budi from Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November (Indonesia), Hasan Yusuf Patel from South Africa, Milena Bargdari from Germany and Kailin Tiara Hank from South Africa.


Source: news.maranatha.edu

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