New Students Registration Steps

  1. Online registration
    Make an registration account through the website
  2. Fill and print registration form
    Fill online registration form, then download and print the document. Apart from students who registrated through Achievement and Invitation program, they should mjake a payment of registration to the bank.
  3. Registration Document submission
    submit or send complete registration document to the Academic Administration Bureau of Universitas Kristen Maranatha according to the schedule.
  4. Selection test and Announcement
    Attend the selection test according to requirement of the admission and chosen faculty. Reguler participant should attend Entrance Examination. Result Announcement of Entrance Examination, Achievement and Invitation program could be seen from the website and will be informed through email and official message.
  5. Re-Registration
    Make the compulsory payment (re-registration) at the bank. After make a payment, confirmation will be send to email and official message within 2-4 days of workdays.
  6. Re-registration Document submission
    Complete require documents for re-registration process. Then submit to Academic Admission Bureau of Universitas Kristen Maranatha according to the schedule. Registration processes are done.

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