About Bandung

Bandung and Its Surroundings





Lembang is 1.312-2.084 meters above sea level and has temperature around 17-27 degree Celcius. There are many tourist attractions on the way from Bandung to Lembang, which focus on the nature and outdoor activities such as riding horses, picking strawberries, feeding farm animals, etc.


Kawah Putih



Kawah Putih (the White Crater) is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions. It is located about 50 km south from Bandung. The lake is 2,430 meters above sea level, and its colour is whittish green, which makes Kawah Putih unique.





Pangandaran is one of the most favorite tourist destinations on holidays. It is located on the southern coast of Java. It can be reached within 5 hours from Bandung. Pangandaran is famous of its beautiful beach and landscape called Green Canyon.





Pangalengan is located around 48 kilometers south from Bandung. It is famous of lakes, tea industry and its beautiful panorama.