About Bandung

Public Transportation

There are several kind of public transportations that we can use in Bandung, such as :


Taxi is a comfortable transportation, it is private and have Air Conditioner facility,  but rather expensive if we compare it with other public transportation. Most of the taxi will use the fare meter. That’s why after we get in the taxi, we have to make sure with the taxi driver that we will use the fare meter.


City Transport

City Transport  well-known as “angkot” (Angkutan Kota means City Transport), has several routes in Bandung. We just have to see the route name in front of the car or we can notice it according to the color of the car. It is the cheapest public transportation in Bandung.
This transportation doen’t have any station nor button to press to stop the car. Their system is confusing, so we can get in and get off from the car whenever or wherever we want.
To get into the car we just need stand at the side of the road and wave our hand to the driver. To get off from the car we just need to say “Kiri” which means “left” to the driver to make the car stops and don’t forget to pay for the fee before we get off from the car.


There is Buses provides by Bandung Government which called TMB or Trans Metro Bandung. It has Air Conditioner facility and has average cost.


Pedicab, or well-known with “becak” in Indonesia, has a driver behind the customer seat, that always paddles the pedicab. This kind of transportation is the slowest among the others and can’t go too far because it depends on the human’s power to paddle it. If we observe, there are different kinds of pedicabs in different cities in Indonesia. For example, in Semarang, the capital city of Central Java, the position of the customer seat of a pedicab is a little bit higher than those in Bandung. Nowadays, we find it difficult to see pedicabs around the main roads in the middle of Bandung city. Most of them just operated around houses and suburb areas. Before we get in, try to make sure the fare that we have to pay for a destination. Try to bargain with the driver, and the final fare will be decided on a deal between the driver and the customer.