Live – In Program

Students are part of the society that should have high solidarity and empathy with each others, because students are young generation that will become the center of this society. While experiencing how the society feels, we hope that students will be more creative and contributive by implementing the knowledge that they have to develop themselves.

One of the ways that we are able to do is by living in a village, that far from modernity, and experiencing the difficulty that the local community has. This is what we call “Live In” program. Through this program we hope we are able to help the students to have more empathy to others. Maranatha Christian University, as a university that cares about the environment and student development, should make a program that will develop solidarity feel to others. Students will experience a life in diversity, and they will try to find positive meanings through this Maranatha Student Development program.

The Goals of this Live-In Program :

1. Practicing the knowledge that the students have at campus to the local community and
learning about the real life as a new experience that will be meaningful for themselves.
2. Helping the students to build their characters
3. Increasing solidarity and empathy of the students with the surrounding environment
4. Helping the local community to solve their problems
5. As a basic leadership training for the students
6. Sharing together and building the family atmosphere with the local community

If any institution interests to participate in this program, please contact us at :   or   call : +62 22 201 2186 ext 7355 (International Office)