MaInCup – Maranatha Industrial and Cultural Program

MainCup - Maranatha Industrial and Cultural Trip 18th - 28th July 2016

Maranatha Industrial and Cultural Program (MaInCuP) is a special program for 10 days provided for foreign students. This program is intended for international students to learn not only about the culture in Indonesia, but also the industry in Indonesia. Since they will visit some places like museum, factory, joining the panoramic tour, learning about Bahasa Indonesia, play Angklung which is Indonesian Traditional instrument, and trying to make Batik in the Batik Workshop.




The program activities will be about learning Bahasa Indonesia, learning to play Angklung (Indonesia traditional instrument), trying to cook local cuisine, visiting local museums, visiting Yogyakarta and surroundings (Borobudur and Prambanan temples), visiting home industry in Yogyakarta, visiting Indonesia factories, experiencing how to make Batik, visiting Kawah Putih, visiting Tangkuban Perahu Mountain.

Maranatha Industrial and Cultural Program (MaInCup) also can be changed according to needs of partnered University while also keep our main content which are learning Bahasa and Indonesian culture. There are also no Requirement for joining Maincup.


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Students’ testimonial :

Chiou Jing Shiuan – Gina (China University of Technology- MaInCup 2016


This is my first time abroad. Would be glad to Indonesia to participate in summer camp. While Indonesia is a bit difficult, but it’s fun. We learn to digital、family、fruit、greetings、self-introduction. Thank you for teachers patience and teaches us. I will never forget. I also like the Angklung class. I think it’s voice is beautiful, and very interesting.
In Bandung, the weather is cool and comfortable I like Indonesia views. Indonesia across the road has always been the thing we afraid. Thank you for Thea help these days The last day we finally succeeded on its own across the street.
Thank you Thea, Dita, Dinar, Helen and everyone for taking care of our I have very happy memories.



Namekawa Naoto (Hokusei Gakuen Univerisity Japan – MaInCup Internship Program

For me this is the first time I went abroad. I have a lot of worries, even when I arrived at the airport, in the middle of the trip I want to go back to my house. However, when I arrived at Indonesia, I met International office staffs and both of the buddies, I felt the warm of these people. what makes me very happy is wherever I go, people are not making a wall with me, but they are making friend with me. At first I thought I came to teach English, but with this experience I thought it will be better to teach Japanese to foreigners. But for that, I need to learn more. when I come back to Japan, I will learn these languages more. Whenver I asked about Indonesia, I will always answer that I loved to live here. If people ask me Why do I like to live here in just one week? The foods are delicious, the environment and city are great. But after all, the people are warm, until I don’ want to come back to Japan. next year or maybe in two years ahead, I will be back again as Exchange student. Lastly, I want to say thank you very much because everyone had accompany and take me to many places.